Over 1000 militaries from NATO Allied Land Command, Headquarters Multinational Corps South-East, HQ MND-SE, NATO and Romanian Army subject matter experts took part, during 30 NOV-09 DEC, at the execution phase of LOYAL LEDA 2022 Exercise, a LANDCOM sponsored land domain tactical-level Computer Assisted Exercise, directed by Joint Force Training Centre.




For 10 days, HQ MND-SE trained for planning and conducting an Article 5 Operation against a peer adversary. Another objective of the exercise was the evaluation of HQ MND-SE personnel, in order to obtain the recertification, a 4 years process.

The recertification proves, once again, HQ MND-SE’ high level of readiness for conducting an Article 5 Operation, in order to ensure the security of Allied territory and population, on the Alliance’s eastern flank.

Headquarters Multinational Division South-East reached the Full Operational Capability, in March 2018, during the “DACIAN LANCER 18” Exercise, conducted in Centrul Naţional de Instruire Întrunită “Getica” / Cincu JNTC.

Exercises are important tools through which the Alliance tests and validates its concepts, procedures, systems and tactics. Training and Exercises (TREX) help NATO forces work together effectively, demonstrating Alliance cohesion and contributing to regional security and stability.