Brigadier General PLAMEN YORDANOV

Brigadier General Plamen YORDANOV was assigned as the Deputy Commander of Headquarters Multinational Division South East on SEPTEMBER 2019.

His military education was completed at Vasil Levski National Military University in Veliko Tarnovo and Georgi Rakovski National Defense Academy. He has completed a number of courses including Interoperability Course, an English language course and the Evaluator Course for assessment of Land Forces HQ’s and Formation Capabilities. His most recent academic endeavor was the completion of US Army War College in Pennsylvania during which he completed his MBA in Strategic Sciences.

Commissioned in 1991 as a Lieutenant, he was assigned as Platoon Commander and later as a Company Commander in Simeonovgrad. Within a Mechanised Battalion he has served as the Deputy Chief of Staff and Commander. After completing his military education, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff of 61st Mechanised Brigade prior to attending US Army War College in Pennsylvania.

On returning to Bulgaria he assumed the lead of a sector in the Combat Training Department, Bulgarian Land Forces in Sofia. He has served as the deputy Commander of 61st Mechanised Brigade and most recently he was the Commander of 61st Mechanised Brigade in Karlovo.

He has competed two operational deployments. His first mission was in 2003 as the Deputy Commander with the 1st Infantry Battalion. In 2005 he was nominated for his second deployment to Iraq with the 4th Infantry Battalion.

During this mission he was also the National representative of the Bulgarian Contingent in Kandahar, Afghanistan.