DACIAN LANCER 2018 Exercise was a Command Post Exercise/Computer Assisted Exercise executed by the Headquarters Multinational Division South-East between 12-23 March 2018 in the Romanian Joint National Training Center (Cincu).

CINCU, ROU – ”It is a great honour for me to be here today and to report „Mission Accomplished!” on behalf of the personnel, the men and women working within Headquarters Multinational Division South-East.

It has been a period of tremendous work, a period where we had this goal in our minds: to be able to achive the standards according to NATO requirements and to be able to say today (…) that the headquarters is able to conduct a Collective Defence operation in the event of an Article 5 declaration.

I want to say that the exercise (and you have witnessed the forces in the field and the way we deployed our headquarters) was a great success. I am very proud of the soldiers serving under my command, they are very confident that we can accomplish our mission and this is a great moment for us.”
                  – BG Daniel Petrescu, HQ MND-SE Commander

The main objective of the exercise was the evaluation of the way Headquarters Multinational Division South-East fulfils its mission to achieve the Final Capability. The evaluation was executed by the Land Command (LANDCOM – Izmir, Turkey) and was monitored by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE- Mons, Belgium).

Component of NATO Force Structure, Headquarters Multinational Division South-East has the mission to ensure, at its divisional level of responsibility, the command and control within an Article 5 NATO operation – Collective Defence, on the South-Eastern flank of the Alliance.

DACIAN LANCER 2018 Exercise ensures the members of the Alliance of the capability, resolve and commitment to the collective defence and demonstrates the ability of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East to rapidly deploy as a response to a crisis situation, as well as the full functionality within a fictious scenario, relevant for its mandated mission.
At the DACIAN LANCER 2018 Exercise participated almost 900 Romanian and international soldiers from: 

– Joint Force Command Naples (Naples, Italy),

– Land Command (Izmir, Turkey),

– Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (Istanbul, Turkey),

– Canadian 1st Infantry Division,

– Multinational Division North-East (Elblag, Poland),

– NATO Communication and Information Agency,

– Multinational Brigade South-East (Craiova, Romania),

– Bulgarian 2nd Mechanized Brigade; Romanian Land Forces,

– 2nd Romanian Division,

– Romanian PSYOPS Center,

– 282nd Mechanized Brigade,

– 10th Engineering Brigade,

– 2nd Mountain Infantry Brigade,

– 2nd Logistic Brigade,

– 8th Multiple Launch Rocket System Brigade,

– 71st Air Base,

– 307th Marine Battalion,

– 88th Riverine Squadron,

– 1st CIMIC Battalion,

– 528th ISR Regiment,

– 52nd Mixed Artillery Regiment,

– 202nd CBRN Battalion,

– 265th Military Police Battalion.