CINCU, ROU – Almost 1,800 Romanian and foreign soldiers, with 250 pieces of equipment, participated in SCORPIONS FURY 18 Multinational Exercise (SCFY18) which has been conducted through November 5-16, at the Joint National Training Center from Cincu, Brașov County.

The goal of SCFY18 was to evaluate the readiness level of the South-East Multinational Brigade Headquarters in accomplishing its assigned mission through computer-assisted exercises, field training exercises and live firing exercises in order to have its final operational capability declared.

Romanian and foreign soldiers from the Allied Land Command (LANDCOM Turkey), Romanian Land Forces Staff, Multinational Division South-East, Joint Multinational Training Center, the units subordinated to the South-East Multinational Brigade (20th Infantry Battalion, 22nd Infantry Battalion, 26th Infantry Battalion, 325th Artillery Battalion, 205th AD Battalion, 116th Logistic Support Battalion, Polish Military Contingent), as well as from the structures affiliated during the exercise (38th Mechanized Battalion from Bulgaria, 6th Cavalry Regiment from Italy and 2nd Pandur Battalion from Portugal) participate in the exercise.