BUCHAREST, ROU – One of the exercises conducted by HQ MND-SE in 2020 was DALA20. It was designed to improve the integration of multinational combat forces and to demonstrate the unity and interoperability of allies. 

DALA20 was CPX on tactical level in Romania and Bulgaria, planned in the first half of the year and its aim was to maintain and improve the HQs capabilities in mission-essentials tasks.

As part of HQ MND-SE main exercise “DACIAN LANCER 20”, the specialists of the 45th Communications and Informatics Battalion executed the exercise “COMMEX III”. During the exercise it was evaluated and tested the communications and computer system necessary for the exercise of command and control within the HQ MND-SE in a deployable environment.

The exercise was a great opportunity to increase the cohesion between the structures involved, show their determination and prove, once again, the strength and professionalism of all participants.