NATO Force Integration Unit – Romania (NFIU Romania) was re-certified by the Romanian authorities and it is able to perform its mission at the high standardsrequired by NATO.
     This re-certification took place during Saber Guardian 2019 Exercise, exercise led by US Army europe in colaboration with Romanian Land Forces.

     The evaluation team was coordinated by the Romanian Joint Force Command and was comprised of soldiers from Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) and representatives of the Romanian Armed Forces. During the evaluation NFIU Romania proved its capacity to facilitate the rapid deployment of allied forces in Romania.

     ”The quick reaction and deployment of forces are critical for NATO. NFIU Romania is an informational hub that can support the host nation, the forces being deployed from other countries in Romania but also other headquarters, offering the proper expertize that can enhance the naval, aerial and land mobility.

     NFIU Romania is a young headquarters, but has accumulated lots of experience that can be used by the national institutions but also by the multinational ones for the efficientization of the planning and execution processes of the Alliance” said LTC Marius Chiriță, Commander of NFIU Romania.

     NFIU Romania was established in 2015 following the political decision taken at the NATO Summit in Wales, when the Readiness Action Plan – RAP was approved. The mission of this headquarters is to facilitate the rapid deployment of NATO forces in Romania.