On 1st of September 2019, Headquarters Multinational Division South-East celebrated 4 years since its establishment.

     As a sign of appreciation for the contributing nations of this multinational NATO force structure, HQ MND-SE organized Flag rising and national anthem intonation Ceremony.
     Beside the headquarters personnel, were invited military attaches from TCN and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania representatives, included NFIU Romania commander.
     The ceremony itself had the support of the 30th Honor Guard Brigade and the Representative Military Orchestra.

     HQ MND-SE was established on 1st of September 2015, after Romanian Minister of National Defense ordered the transformation of the Romanian 1stInfantry Division “DACICA” into a NATO HQ.

     The transformation of this organization from a Romanian division into “the current fully mission-capable NATO multinational headquarters has been more than outstanding”, said Major General Iulian Berdilă, Commander of HQ MND-SE, at the solemn ceremony.

     “The Headquarters moved from an idea to a tangible and credible organization that meets SACEUR`s and Romania`s intent of providing clear example of the Alliance resolve at the Eastern flank.We celebrate the 4thanniversary of continuous development of this HQ and its valuable contribution in support of the NATO strategic alliance and objectives”, emphasized MG Iulian Berdilă.

     The commander of HQ MND-SE thanked to all the contributing nations, which committed to send their soldiers to fill critical positions in this organization: Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

     “Thank you for giving us the opportunity of having here some of your best officers and Ncos and benefit from their operational knowledge and capabilities as they share it with the Romanian counterparts on their daily tasks, enhancing in this way the readiness of the headquarters as well as the Romanian armed forces”, said MG Iulian Berdila.

     “This demonstrates that we have become a relevant and dependable organization that has a continuous presence and influence in the Black Sea region, therefore contributing to the Alliance`s strengthened deterrence and defense posture”, concluded the Commander of HQ MND-SE.
    HQ MND-SE achieved final capability on March 2018.