BUCHAREST, ROU – “After serving in this NATO headquarters, I leave as a better person and a better soldier.

I worked with many armies all over the world, but I learned more in Romania than elsewhere”, said the Deputy Commander of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East, Brigadier General Thomas Carden Jr., in an interview for the Romanian Public Television. 

Brigadier General Thomas Carden Jr. declared that he had so many things to learn and this was the biggest challenge of his one year and a half mandate within HQ MND-SE. “In this NATO headquarters, where I served with colleagues from other 14 NATO state members, I was learning 14 different ways to solve things”, declared BG Carden.

He confessed that he was much honored to serve in Headquarters Multinational Division South-East in Bucharest and that he enjoyed a lot having colleagues that inspired him all the time. This was his first appointment in the challenging NATO environment.

DCOM considers that HQ MND-SE itself shows the commitment of Romania to the Alliance and explained that this multinational environment enhances learning and increases the professional skills.

Regarding the situation in the Black Sea region, BG Thomas Carden Jr. declared: “We have done a lot for peace. At the end of the day, the most fundamental element is peace. Romania is committed and NATO is committed.

I think it will be a huge miscalculation to underestimate the commitment of NATO to keep peace and stability across the Alliance”. DCOM of HQ MND-SE also said: “If we can do things to deter Russia or any other potential adversary and we maintain peace and stability in the region, that is great for economic development, so people can raise their standards of living, they can educate their children; they can have a safe place for their families”.

Brigadier General Thomas Carden, Jr. was assigned as the Deputy Commander of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East on October 1st, 2017. Previously, has held a number of key positions in the Georgia Army National Guard, included Commanding General and Chief of staff, and he was deployed in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq.