BUCHAREST, ROU – ”NATO Challenge” contest was organized for the first time in Romania on the 3rd of April by Headquarters Multinational Division South East in order to celebrate NATO 70th anniversary.

The competition, which recreated a North Atlantic Council at ambassador’s level, brought together 29 students from “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College from Bucharest, “Elena Cuza” National College from Bucharest and “Tudor Vladimirescu” National Military College from Craiova.

Every student was representing a NATO country and had a mentor, officers at Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) and Headquarters Multinational Brigade South-East (HQ MN BDE SE) who were guiding the students regarding NATO and security themes and to better understand the point of view of the country they were representing. Before the challenge itself, the students prepared an essay over a global security issue and at the competition they had to debate a complicated crisis situation, to take a common decision and to draft a final resolution.

”It was a great opportunity to find more details about diplomacy and global security”, said one of the students, emphasizing the fact that “NATO Challenge” helped her better understand NATO and the actual security environment.

“NATO Challenge” contest organized by HQ MND-SE constitutes a premiere for the big majority of the students that volunteered for the contest. The counseling offered by the soldiers-mentors from the headquarters and from HQ MN BDE SE assured the success of this event that will surely have many more editions in Romania.

The awards of the competition were presented during NATO Day Ceremony, on the 4th of April, by Romanian Chief of Defence, General Nicolae Ionel Ciucă and by the Chief of Romanian Land Forces, Major general Ovidiu Uifăleanu.