April 1st 2022
HQ MND-SE celebrated #NATO DAY with an ART Exhibition, aiming to reshape the image of the soldier, who is no longer just a gun bearer, but a human being with feelings, talents and passions. The exhibition, hosted by The National Military Circle, with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Bucharest, presents drawings, paintings and sculptures made by LTC Jose Crespo, Spanish officer within MND-SE. “This is a great moment to show we are a multinational team, reunited around the Alliance’s values and to celebrate our unity and solidarity”, said Major General Cristian Dan, HQ MND-SE commander.
Simona Cojocaru, State Secretary in Ministry of National Defence, congratulated LTC Crespo for his amazing mixture of military and artistical life and for his remarkable works.
As a surprize for the distinguish guests, Irina Arnăutu, one of the most prestigious young Romanian pianist, charmed the audience with her spectacular way of mastering piano.
At the ceremony were invited Ambassadors and Defence Attache from troop contributing nations to MND-SE, commanders of French and Belgium contingents from #NATO Response Force, deployed in Romania.