DACIAN LANCER 16 was a multinational military exercise involving approximately 200 personnel.

The exercise is designed to train HQ MND-SE personnel in selected elements of command and control (C2) over subordinate formations. DALE 16 is a command post exercise (CPX) designed to demonstrate and validate HQ MND-SE C2 procedures over an affiliated BDE level force. 

The exercise represented an important opportunity to test, clarify and after validate the headquarters deployable standard operating procedures and standard operating instructions, altogether with the real testing of the Operational Control over the ROU NFIU during the coordination of the DEU Recce Coy deployment in Romania.

During DALE16, HQ MND-SE personnel was supported by augmentees, subject matter experts (SMEs) and Observer Trainers from different units such as: 2nd INF Bde, 1st CIMIC Bn, 71st Air Base, PSYOPS, 96 MLRS Bn, 45th SIGN Bn and 300th CSS, US Civil Affairs Team and 1st INF DIV CAN.

Exercise DALE16 shares a common scenario with exercise Scorpions Fury 2016.II (SCFY16.II).

SCFY16.II will be conducted during 26 October-02 November 2016 in Land Forces Combined Training Centre (LF CTC), in Cincu, and will be supported by HQ MND-SE personnel.