DG17 was a Command Post Exercise (CPX) / Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX), which allowed HQ MND-SE to execute command over Bulgarian and Romanian manoeuvre brigades in order to enhance interoperability, build readiness, demonstrate capability, and reinforce deterrence measures in Europe.

DG17 was part of Exercise SABER GUARDIAN 2017 (SG17), the largest of the Black Sea exercises this summer, which took place at numerous locations throughout Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

SG17 involved approximately 25 000 troops from 23 Allied and Partner nations, being a collective training exercise for the collective defense and furthering partner capacity and also improving interoperability

During the CPX/CAX, HQ MND-SE had as higher echelon the Land Command (LANDCOM) from Izmir, Turkey and executed command over 4 brigades: 2 Romanian brigades – the 282nd Mechanized Brigade, located in the Joint National Training Center in Cincu (Romania), and the 9th Mechanized Brigade, located in HQ MND-SE barracks – the Multinational Brigade South-East, located also in HQ MND-SE barracks and the 61st Bulgarian Mechanized Brigade, located in Novo Selo Training Area (Bulgaria).
In the exercise HQ MND-SE personnel was supported by the 2nd Portuguese PANDUR Battalion as enabling unit.

Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN 2017 was a great training opportunity, which paved the road to the achievement of Final Capability, demonstrating HQ MND-SE is able to provide a high readiness capability to command forces within the Southeast region of NATO’s border nations, with an important contribution to NATO’s collective defence.