CINCU, ROU – Military personnel of NATO headquarters celebrated the end of exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017, all NATO troops being safely redeployed to their home military bases.     

Professionalism, common effort and strong cooperation within the militaries have been the key of the entire deployment-redeployment process of NATO forces. 



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The exercise was been conducted in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, where final destination for the incoming VJTF(L) forces was the Joint National Training Center “Getica” from Cincu.

This exercise involved 10 member nations: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and United States of America.

During NOJP17, around 2000 militaries represented the VJTF(L) forces, using about 500 military equipment to execute the deployment.

For the RSOM process, most part of the VJTF(L) troops deployed by air, military equipment being transported by sea, railroads and followed by convoys using Greece – Bulgaria- Romania route.